What you will learn

On this training you will learn a teaching methodology grounded in myofascial release methods, mobility and yoga in relation to the myofascial meridians, the joints and common pain patterns and dysfunctions.

  • An in-depth exploration of what Fascia is

  • Myofascial release tools and methods

  • Myofascial meridians (Anatomy trains)

  • Targeting the joints in relation to common therapeutic issues, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, sacra-iliac gapping etc.

  • Muscle Mapping

  • Endangerment sites and safety procedures

  • Integrating Myofascial release with Yin, Hatha, FRC and mobility

  • “Issues in our tissues” – the emotional connection

  • Balancing the autopilot techniques and scripts

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Balancing the autopilot in relation to posture

    • CLASS : Waves and Domes in relation to balancing the auto-pilot and postural holding patterns

    • QUIZ : Balancing the autopilot in relation to posture

  • 3

    Myofascial Release Tools and Techniques

    • CLASS : Myofascial Release Tools and Techniques

    • QUIZ: Tools and Techniques

  • 4

    Biotensegrity, Fascia, and Myofascial Meridians

    • Biotensegrity, Fascia and Myofascial Meridians Class

    • QUIZ: Biotensegrity & Fascia

  • 5

    Somatic Reflex Myofascial Maps

    • Green Light Reflex Myofascial Map

    • Red Light Reflex Myofascial Map

    • Trauma Reflex Myofascial Map

  • 6

    Ankles and Feet

    • MYOFASCIAL RESET CLASS : Ankles and Feet

    • Ankle and Feet Myofascial Class Map

  • 7



    • Knee Myofascial Release Class Plan

  • 8

    Hips and Pelvis

    • Hips and Pelvis Myofascial Release Class Map

    • Hips and Pelvis Myofascial Re-set Class

  • 9

    The core


    • Core Myofascial Release Class plan

  • 10

    The Spine and Back


    • Spine and Back Myofascial Release Class Map

  • 11



    • Shoulder Myofascial Release Plan

  • 12



    • Neck Myofascial Class Plan

  • 13

    Elbows, wrists and hands

    • MYOFASCIAL RESET CLASS : Elbow, wrist and hand

    • Elbow, wrist and Hand Myofascial Class Plan

  • 14

    The face and jaws

    • MYOFASCIAL RESET CLASS : The Face and Jaw

    • Face and Jaw Myofascial Release Class Plan

What others say

Eleanor Spring

Senior Yoga Teacher - Berlin

Carol’s knowledge of anatomy, and her ability to tie this in with physical practise for different bodies, is truly superb.”

Sinead Keane

Senior Yoga Teacher and Physio

The manual written by Carol is a fantastic resource to have and very very well laid out and thorough. Carol is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in her teaching and I would highly recommend any of her courses to anyone who is considering a yoga teacher training, or to qualified teachers who wish to develop their training and knowledge base.

Liane Bloemen

Yoga Teacher - Germany

Alignment is key in Carol's work, and I am grateful to have built a solid foundation for my teaching journey ahead. Carol is an extremely knowledgable and inspiring teacher and I really enjoyed studying yoga anatomy and all the other subjects with her.

Monica Bonsal

Yoga Teacher - Mumbai

“It was an amazing experience! I loved the yoga anatomy of this program".

Included in your fees

  • Free PDF Manual

    Your manual includes a 108 page muscle map and an outline of the nyofascial meridians, all illustrated in large beautiful colour images to support your learning experience.

  • Open book worksheet

    The worksheet addresses all the important points on each chapter to ensure that you finish the training an in-depth knowledge of the method and how to teach it. On completion of the training, students must do one online open-book assessment within 6 months of the training to receive certification.

  • Ongoing support

    The training is grounded in a WhatsApp group to maintain connection for questions and sharing. You can also questionnaire facility to ask questions about any area that you do not understand. On the live weekend, there will also be allocated time for questions and answers to ensure that you feel comfortable with all of the training.content.

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